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Orenco’s AdvanTex Treatment System uses an engineered textile media to treat wastewater to meet stringent regulatory requirements. The filter is configured like a a recirculating sand filter — a packed bed filter technology(1.1MB, PDF) that Orenco engineers have helped to perfect since the 1970’s.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems can provide treatment quality equivalent to that of sand filters at loading rates as high as 25-50 gpd/ft2 (1000-2000 L/d/m2). That means AdvanTex can serve even those projects with severe space constraints.

AdvanTex provides consistent, reliable treatment, even under peak flow conditions. What’s more, the clear, odorless effluent is ideal for reuse applications. The process reduces nitrogen significantly, and special configurations can reduce it even further to meet stringent limits.

AX100 Equipment illustration

Orenco’s years of research and development have helped to refine the benefits of packed bed filters into a treatment system that is premanufactured, modular, and reliable for a variety of flows and waste strengths.

Designed for the Real World

Orenco’s premanufactured AX100 filter ensures quality control and allows for fast installation. The modular layout of an AdvanTex Treatment System lets a designer add more pods for later phases of an expanding project — no need to oversize the treatment system and the cost!

Orenco also manufactures a mobile AdvanTex unit for remote locations or temporary/emergency situations, such as disaster relief or military operations. Same AdvanTex performance, packaged for the real world.

In addition, Orence offers AX-Facility, a custom designed treatment plant for flows up to 1 MGD, an ideal size for small communities or new development on the urban fringe.

Blue River, Husky station

Thousands of Installations

Orenco’s textile-based treatment technology has undergone third-party testing and evaluation to ANSI Standards. More importantly, about 17,000 residential-sized AdvanTex filters have been installed since the year 2000, and over 2,300 of our commercial-sized AX100 units are now in operation. Orenco has AdvanTex systems installed in 16 countries around the globe.

Commitment to Long Term Performance

It takes more than a product to solve wastewater problems. That’s why Orenco’s AdvanTex Treatment System comes with a program to ensure every project has support for the life of the system.

  • Trained and authorized dealers, installers, and service providers
  • Training and plan reviews for designers
  • Comprehensive project checklist for successful system design, installation, start-up, and follow-up
  • Round-the-clock system supervision via Orenco’s remote telemetry controls
  • Commitment to ongoing O&M, signed by system owners

Orenco’s engineers and asset management team are available to answer questions and provide ongoing manufacturer support throughout the life of your system.

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